Getting Full Color Banners Printed in Tucson

full color vinyl bannersWhen it comes time to promote your Tucson business or special event on a budget, one of the best choices you can make is to invest in a good, well designed, full color vinyl banner.  Vinyl banners are among the most versatile marketing products out there due to the flexibility they offer (no pun intended), in that they can work equally well for indoor window displays meant to promote a special for a few days or weeks to your customers, or for an oversized outdoor street sign that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions for quite a few years.  Of course there are a few differences you’ll want to look at depending on what your ultimate goal is and where your target market will be seeing your sign, but we’ll get into that in this article so you’ll know what to look for or ask about when it’s time for you to shop for yours.

One of the reasons full color printed vinyl signs are so popular is because the advances in digital printing allow for a pretty much unlimited number of options to choose from when it comes time to produce your sign, and all of them are at a reasonably affordable price point.  And when you compare the prices of a vinyl sign against the cost of a traditional back-lit sign or wood sign (or whatever other material you might be considering)… there is just no comparison.

Vinyl signs can be as simple as black block text on a white banner, to the most vibrant, full color images, logos and high resolution photographs you can imagine.  Gone are the days when messages were hand created by placing vinyl letters on a vinyl background… with modern digital printing press and large wide format presses, UV resistant ink and highly durable materials, not to mention custom graphic art designs, the sky is truly the limit.

Of course if you’re talking about a permanent sign for your store front, you might want to go with something a bit more robust than just vinyl, but until you are ready for your ‘final’ sign, vinyl banners will work perfectly for you, even announcing a “coming soon” or “grand opening” to get you started.

With the money you’ll save by using vinyl, you’ll have the ability to get a few different signs for different specials, times of the year, or special announcements.  Plus, the fact that they are so small when rolled up means you won’t be wasting a lot of storage space with all your different sign options.

Then again, vinyl banners and signs aren’t just for storefronts.  They are often used at promotional events away from the main place of business.  For example, you might use one of these signs at tradeshows, events for schools or at a street fair, mounted to banner stands.  Or, with the diversity of what vinyl can do for you, you might even choose to have your car wrapped in vinyl car decals to have a mobile billboard, no matter where you go!

As mentioned before, the advantages of vinyl are many.  Not only the diversity of uses, but also the durability that it provides.  Here in Tucson, Arizona, where the sun can be absolutely brutal to anything left outside (especially in the summer), it’s still not uncommon to have an outdoor vinyl sign be able to last up to 5 years.  And even though we might not get a lot of rain here in the Southwest, rest assured that vinyl banners will hold up equally well to rain and snow as they do to blazing hot sun and vicious UV rays.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the different varieties of vinyl you can choose from when it comes time for you to have your sign printed by a local Tucson printing company.

Scrim Vinyl

This is the most commonly used type of vinyl, especially if your banner or sign is going to get any outdoor use, like at a sports event such as a sponsored golf tournament tee box, (or a more than average amount of wear and tear, for example traveling to a lot of different trade shows and exhibit booths).  Vinyl banner products usually come in material weights of between 10 and 16 ounces, with 13 ounces being a fairly standard choice for many people.

Matte Vinyl

Matte is the opposite of glossy and will therefore reduce the amount of glare coming off of it.  This is a good choice if you have a lot of images on your banner and/or if people may be viewing your artwork from a lot of different angles.  If it’s too glossy and someone isn’t looking at it straight on, they might only see the reflection of the light rather than your art and message.

Gloss Vinyl

If you’ve gone with a four color printing process and your sign has a logo on it that has a lot of bright, vibrant colors that you really want to get to POP… then gloss vinyl is the choice for you.

Black Out Vinyl

If you plan on having your banner set up in such a way as to have people viewing it from both sides, then you should consider black out vinyl.  This variety uses three sheets of vinyl with the middle layer being solid black.  What this does is block all light from shining through so you won’t get any ghost images from one side to the other.

Adhesive Vinyl

Like the example mentioned above about having your car be a mobile marketing magnet, adhsive vinyl has all kinds of applications.  It’s really an amazing product that can adhere to everything from metal to brick, wood, tile, glass and just about anything else, even being used for floor graphics and wall graphics, without leaving a sticky residue.  This really allows you to push your marketing imagination to new levels!

Mesh Vinyl

If you plan to have your banner outside and in a situation where the wind could affect it, you might consider mesh vinyl, with its many little holes.  This will allow the wind to pass through more easily, putting less strain on both the sign and the things that you have attached it to, increasing it’s lifespan and durability far more than you would ever get from fabric banners.

Speaking of durability, there are a few other things that you should consider when ordering your vinyl banners, such as using brass reinforced grommets in the eyelets which you’ll be using to hang up your sign, whether by rope, zip-tie, suction cup and hook, D-ring or whatever ever other means you choose.

Another thing is the seams; while you don’t have to get finished edges, doing so will prolong the life of your investment (though it will increase the price somewhat).  You can choose to have the seams hemmed and sewn, or just have the print shop heat seal the edges.  Again, if it’s going to be used outside, some sort of edge finishing is recommended.

If your business already has a printer to handle things such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes, posters and the like, you should ask them if they have the ability to do color printed vinyl banners.  Even if they don’t have the equipment in house, they will most likely be able to help you through the relationships they have with other local print shops (but you might want to ask if they’ll be doing the work in-house or not, as it could affect the production and delivery times due to shipping).

And if you already have a great relationship with them and their sales staff and graphic designer team, then surely you’ll be able to come up with something that will work perfectly well for your needs, whether it’s small banners or a large banners, 2 color or 4 color custom banners.  And when you realize how affordable it is for you to get your message out there to different markets in a variety of different full-color vinyl banners (or other vinyl applications), you just might want to think about getting more than one at a time and seeing if in doing so you can work some sort of discount into the pricing quote.  It never hurts to ask!